Registration Process - baseball participants

Baseball is growing fast in New Zealand and registrations are OPEN NOW for anyone wishing to play baseball. Clubs all over the country, from Orewa in the north to Selwyn in the south have the ability to register players, coaches, volunteers, umpires and scorers online.

If you're joining a new club, simply go to its website and complete an online form to register. Get in early so you don't miss out on the opportunity to play this country's fastest growing summer sport. It's easy to do from any computer, tablet or phone that can browse the internet.

To find your closest club Click here ​​

If you're renewing with your same club from last season, your club should send you an email that contains a 'magic link' you can click to see your details and update anything that has changed for the new season. This method avoids the hassle of having to login. Check with your club directly if you haven't yet received your email with a magic link for the new season.

Registration Process - baseball club administrators

There are three steps to the official Baseball NZ registration process: 

1.            Register players, coaches, officials and administrators through the official online registration form

2.            Enter teams in TeamBuilder

3.            Drag & drop players into teams in TeamBuilder

If your club registered people and teams through Sporty last year, then your database will automatically be waiting for you through You can email last season's members a 'magic link' they can click to renew for the new season - see How to invite your database back to re-register. This saves people from having to login. They simply click on the magic link in their email and it will open your registration form for the new season with question fields automatically pre-filled with their last known details. People simply check/correct their details and click Submit. Their registration then appears in your club database for the new season and their record becomes coloured green in your database for the previous season. So it's easy for you to identify and chase up people who haven't renewed.

Alternatively, you can display a blank form for people to complete. See How to create a link to your form.

Importantly, clubs can use the official Baseball NZ registration form as your own club member management system if you wish. Clubs can add your own fields to your version of the official form to securely collect your own information and payments if you wish. Any data from your own fields remains securely visible and confidential to the club and is not shared with Baseball NZ.

This lets everyone's needs be met through one single web form and member management system, supplied free by Baseball NZ to all baseball clubs in New Zealand, so clubs can avoid running a separate parallel online registration and member management system.