Videos: Base Running

Base running is a critical offensive skill that can make a big difference in winning games. Running hard and smart can turn back to back singles into a scoring opportunities. View the videos below to develop your base runing skills and help your team win.

Home to 1st Base

Running Through 1st Base

Rounding 1st Base

Hitting the Inside Corner

Running in the Baseline Rule 

Base Running at 1st Base

Taking Leads at First Base

Secondary Leads

Leads at First Base

Delay Steals

Leads at First Base

Dirt Ball Reads

Stealing 2nd Base

Tagging Up


Figure 4 Slides

Sliding Drills

Diving Back 1st Base

Hook Slides

Head First Slides

Base Running at 2nd Base

Leads at 2nd Base

Situational Baserunning

Stealing Third Base

Base Running at 3rd Base

Leads at 3rd Base

Situation Plays at 3rd Base

Coaching the Bases

Coaching 3rd Base

Coaching 1st Base

Signs from Coach to Catcher

Giving Signs at 3rd Base