Become an Umpire

We welcome you to share our love of the sport of baseball with teaching and supervision from the New Zealand Baseball Umpire’s Association(NZBUA) Instructors, we can enhance your understanding of the game and in turn, your enjoyment of the sport.

Becoming an umpire requires the support of people who have travelled the same path you may be commencing and who know what you need to know for you to enjoy the role of umpiring from T Ball to the International level that some of our members have enjoyed.

This association is charged with the responsibility of administering the NZBUA Development Programme which is comprehensive for umpires starting with T-Ball and junior baseball all the way through to high performance senior games.

Umpiring baseball is an excellent way to stay involved in the greatest of games as well as earn some extra money. When you become an umpire there are many opportunities for you to progress to a higher level. The pathway for umpires is very similar to that of a player. You can start at your local club and progress your way through to the international level umpiring both tournaments and overseas competitions.

​​​​​​​Why become an Umpire? Here are 5 reasons

  1. The challenge and enjoyment of umpiring an exciting baseball game from the 'best seat in the house'.
  2. The opportunities to umpire at club, regional, national and even the international level by progressing through the development pathway.
  3. The camaraderie within the umpiring fraternity.
  4. The chance to supplement your income whilst pursuing your hobby.
  5. To play a key role in the future of the great sport of baseball.

Umpire Accreditation

Umpires obtain and maintain a National Accreditation, which can be obtained by completing an umpiring course during the year. Various levels of courses are conducted throughout the year by the New Zealand Baseball Umpires Association.

  • Certified Community Umpire – Junior & Youth (16U & below) Club games only.
  • Accredited Community Umpire – Administered by the NZBUA.
  • Accredited Association Umpire – Administered by the NZBUA.
  • National Umpire – Administered by the NZBUA.
  • International Umpire – Administered by the NZBUA.

​​​​​​​To discuss the range of NZBUA programs for umpiring, please contact the Director of Umpiring.

Join the Team!

"The integrity of baseball is embodied in the Umpire upon whom the trust is placed to ensure the game is played by the rules guaranteeing fairness for those involved. During the course of performing these prescribed duties, the Umpire must at all times interpret and clarify rules as they are written. Words can never be written to cover all situations in our great game and therefore incidents may occur which call for the sound and fair judgement of the Umpire."

PBUC Umpire Manual